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Church worshippers with lyrics projected onto big screens Church worshippers with lyrics projected onto big screens

Church/Schools Copyright Licence Manual

The Church Copyright Licence/
Schools Copyright Licence

The CCLI® Church Copyright Licence™/Schools Copyright Licence™ is the most comprehensive, convenient and cost effective means of copyright clearance available for songs used in congregational singing. This licence offers a simple alternative to seeking direct permission from each copyright owner, while ensuring copyright owners are fairly rewarded for the use of their work.

The licence permits you to:

  • Store song lyrics in a computer or create overhead transparencies for projection to assist with congregational/assembly singing.
  • Print songs, hymns and lyrics in service sheets.
  • Create your own customised songbooks or hymnals.
  • Arrange, print and copy your own vocal or instrumental arrangements of songs for congregational/assembly use, where no published version is available.
  • Translate song lyrics into another language for congregational singing, where no published version is available.
  • Record your services/meetings including the ‘live’ music by audio or video means for those unable to attend. The quantity of recorded copies allowed per service cannot exceed 15% of the maximum number of size category (Excludes the Mobile version of this licence – see Travelling Ministries and Mobile/Itinerant workers section below).

The licence does not permit you to:

  • Photocopy or duplicate typeset sheet music
  • Alter the words or music of any authorised hymn or song
  • Rent, sell, lend or distribute copies made under the licence to anyone outside the church/school
  • Assign or transfer the licence to any other church/school or group without CCLI’s approval. This is a congregation-specific licence, meaning it is not tied to a specific building
  • Stream songs performed in your church services in audio and/or video, which requires an additional Streaming Licence

 Essential Information

This licence is available as an annual or 14-day event licence

All terms are in effect only when the licence is active. If the licence is not renewed, all rights are terminated effective on the expiration date and all song copies made under the licence agreement must be destroyed.

Licence fees for churches are based on the average number of people (aged five and above) who attend your main service or the total number attending your event. Licence fees for schools are based on the number of pupils on the school roll or attending the event. Licence fees for travelling ministries/mobile workers are based on the expected maximum congregational size in the year which will benefit as a result of the Licence. For more details, see the Terms of Agreement. For mobile licences, the size category is based on the expected maximum congregational size which will benefit.

Copyright Notice

Licence Holders are responsible for including a copyright notice on all songs reproduced under this licence. The copyright notice should include writer credit(s) and copyright information, for example:
“Hallelujah” Words and music by John Smith
© 2000 Good Music Co. CCL licence: 123456


Under the licence Terms of Agreement it is necessary to report the songs you have reproduced under this licence. All reporting must be done using CCLI’s Reporting website. We recommend you do this on an ongoing basis, preferably weekly or as often as songs are reproduced. Further information on reporting.

Photocopying, scanning or electronic file-sharing

A separate copyright exists in typeset pages. This means that if you wish to make copies directly from authorised music books/publications you’ll almost certainly need the Music Reproduction Licence™ which is available as a supplement to the Church/School Copyright Licence. A direct copy includes a photocopy, scan or duplication of a file, for example, by emailing a sheet music PDF to another person.

Sourcing official lyrics and sheet music

CCLI offers convenient one-stop access to the authorised lyrics, lead, chord and multi-part vocal sheets for thousands of the hymns and songs covered under the CCL via the SongSelect website. SongSelect® is available via annual subscription as a supplement to the Church Copyright Licence/Schools Copyright Licence. Additionally, SongSelect can be integrated with a number of common worship planning/projection packages.

Recording Your Services/Meetings

This licence includes the right to record your services/assemblies including any live music for limited distribution (excludes Mobile version – see below). However, ‘dubbing’ (making a recording which includes pre-recorded music such as from a CD or MP3) is not permitted.

Mobile Church Copyright Licence

A mobile version of the Church Copyright Licence is available for ministries or individuals who need a licence in more than one location. This licence is the same as the Church Copyright Licence, except:

  • It does not include the right to record worship services
  • The Mobile Copyright Licensee must retain sole possession of all copies made under the licence
  • The size category chosen for the licence is chosen based on the expected maximum congregational size in the year which will benefit as a result of the Mobile Copyright Licence
  • In taking out a Mobile Copyright Licence, the individual or organisation agrees to distribute a Church Copyright Licence application to an appropriate representative at each location where the Mobile Copyright Licence is used.

Further information

Licence Fees
Find out the cost for an annual or 14 day event Church Copyright Licence
or Schools Copyright Licence, or the annual cost of the Mobile Church Copyright Licence.

Licence Terms
View the full Terms of Agreement for these licences.

Search Frequently Asked Questions about the reproduction of song words and sheet music in worship.

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